Plasma cutting is currently the best solution for thermal cutting of high alloy steels. It is characterized by high efficiency, good quality of the cut edge. It also allows separating of all electrically conductive materials, including aluminum, various types of stainless steel and mild steel. Optimal selection of plasma gases and cutting parameters allows to obtain a very good quality of the cut surface, practically zero amount of scale and high repeatability of the elements. The automatic setting of elements on the baking tray or tube minimizes the amount of waste. The advantages of plasma cutting include high speed of the process, good quality of cut elements (the possibility of obtaining a perfect, mirror edge surface)

Thanks to the machines of the highest quality, cutting is just a pleasure! We are able to cut almost any shape – our qualified employees take care of it and their vast experience in this field significantly speeds up the work and allows you to reduce unnecessary material waste. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the investment in our services is well located. Processing materials at Tech – System is possible thanks to:

Plasma cutter MOST SpeedCut 15/30

Band saw MEP SH 281 SXI EVO